What They're Saying About VEA Sparks

Quotes from VEA Sparks Alumni

Sparks is a great weekend of networking, fun, and learning!
-Carmen Sitton, Amherst

Sparks was a great way to get introduced to the VEA and really learn about everything it does for us, in a fun setting, while getting to know other educators from around the state.
-Emily Freed, Fredericksburg

Sparks is revitalizing, encouraging, and most important, a fun-filled weekend of connecting with people like you from all over the state.
-DaVell Smith, Louisa

As a new teacher, Sparks let me meet other educators across the state with the same situations and concerns.  They gave us time to share our successes and fears, and showed us how we are a part of the bigger VEA family.  It was truly a relationship building weekend and I encourage my new educator brothers and sisters to attend!
-Erin Merrill, Prince William

Sparks gave me an opportunity to figure out that I could be a leader without having to be the loudest person.  It allowed me to see that the association was not only about being the one in front, but also supporting those out in front.
-Sam Killion, Fredericksburg

I attended the first ever VEA Sparks in 2007, which was my second year teaching. I'll be honest to say that I attended because it sounded like a fun event and a chance to meet and network with other new educators. I learned that if I wanted to see changes in my classroom, I had to get involved! Ever since then I've been involved with my local and state.
Jennifer Rokasky, Prince William

You joined the VEA/NEA because you care about the teaching profession and the future of education.  At Sparks, you get away to the mountains where you meet and collaborate with people who care as much as you do.  How wonderful!
-Cody Sigmon, Chesterfield

To hear more directly from past participants, check out our video from the most recent VEA Sparks retreat HERE.

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